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I want to be discovering your body instead of mine at 3:00 AM when all I see and hear are blanks
I want to trace the lines on the inside of your hands
And get to know the stretch marks on your inner thighs
I want to know how many beauty marks you have on your back
I want to connect them like stars in the sky
And give them names of my own
I want to know the story behind every scar on your skin and on your soul
And I want to kiss
R. K. (via xix-viii-i-viii-i-iv-xix)

#InstaSize The last picture for today! With the best cousin anybody could ask for. We’ve been through so much together, through the good and the bad. & Finally we’ve graduated from High School and will be going off to college soon! So happy to have had you with me through so much. I love you Jenny! ❀️❀️😘 @jqueen11 Let’s prove everybody wrong & succeed in life the way we want to!

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